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“Think of digital transformation less as a technology project to be finished than as a state of perpetual agility, always ready to evolve for whatever customers want next, and you’ll be pointed down the right path.”

Amit Zavery

VP and Head of Platform, Google Cloud


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Digital Strategy & Business Analysis
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Technology Consulting & -Selection
Software Development & Maintenance
Artificial Intelligence & Big Data
Cybersecurity & Risk Mitigation


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Kick Start

9.995 €

One time fee

Identify the short-term, untapped business potential that can be leveraged with technology.

Up to 2 team members
Duration: 1 Day + pre/post-processing

What’s Included
  • 1x Strategy Consultant

  • 1x IT Consultant

  • Unlimited support


19.995 €

One time fee

Refine your business idea to solve real user problems with technology and calculate the implementation ROI.

Up to 2 team members
Duration: 1–2 Weeks

What’s Included
  • 1x Strategy & IT Consultant

  • 1x UX Engineer

  • Unlimited support

Most Popular

Proof of Concept

49.995 €


Validate the feasibility of your business idea to ensure it works as expected, and its a beneficial investment for your company.

Up to 5 team members
Duration: 1–2 Months (tbd)

What’s Included
  • 1x Strategy & IT Consultant

  • 1 x Project Manager

  • 1x UX Engineer

  • 2x Software/Data Engineers

  • Unlimited support



Individual pricing

Create your custom strategy and digital solutions that fit your business ideas and needs to achieve your company goals.

Tailor made Expert Team
Duration: Depending on scope

What’s Included
  • Unlimited team members

  • Strategy development

  • Ongoing refinement

  • Unlimited support

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