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Team Extension Examples

How to get started

  • Starting from 1 Full Time Equivalent

  • Agile Cooperation Model

  • Including Team performance monitoring

  • Project start in 2-4 weeks

Single Expert Extension
What’s Included
  • 1x Software Engineer

  • Frontend-/Backend or Full-Stack

  • 20 Man days/month

from 9.100 €/month

Web-Team Extension
What’s Included
  • 1 x Frontend Software Engineer

  • 1x PHP Software Engineer

  • 40 Man days/month

from 17.600 €/month

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AI-Team Extension
What’s Included
  • 1x Data Engineer

  • 2x Data Scientists

  • 1x QA Engineer

  • 80 Man days/month

from 38.100 €/month

Java-Team Extension
What’s Included
  • 2x Java Software Engineers

  • 2x Frontend Software Engineers

  • 1x DevOps Engineer

  • 1x Manual QA

  • 120 Man days/month

from 51.200 €/month

These prices and teams are a non-binding example, and the final price would be according to your requirements and specifications.

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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How does the cooperation work with Remote Teams?

We offer two cooperation models. In the managed service we take over the project management. In team extension, we take care of team setup, satisfaction, and performance, and the customer takes care of project management.

Is there a database or website where we can see the developers and their qualifications?

No. We cover 85% of the common technologies. Once we know the exact requirements, we propose a suitable team.

How can you avoid bogus self-employment or employee leasing?

With Remote Native as a contractor, there are no problems with bogus self-employment or employee leasing. We work almost exclusively with permanent employees. To avoid the issue of employee leasing, we apply a different solution depending on the cooperation model. In the case of a managed service, it is the bridgehead model, in which there is one contact person each on the customer and service provider side for the coordination of instructions. In the case of Team Extension, we use the Agile Cooperation Model, in which the developers take over and implement tasks independently.

Why do you prefere Time and Material contracts in Agile development?

T&M contracts offer flexibility, allowing for changes in requirements, scope, and priorities throughout the project. This enables clients and development teams to collaborate closely, leading to improved communication and a stronger focus on addressing client needs. Additionally, T&M contracts promote risk-sharing between both parties, encouraging a more cooperative and transparent relationship as they navigate project changes together.

How can remote software development teams onboard new members effectively?

Providing comprehensive onboarding materials, assigning mentors, and conducting virtual orientation sessions can help new team members quickly adapt to their remote work environment and become productive contributors.

Where are your developers located?

Our developers are spread internationally. The majority are in Eastern Europe (Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine) and in Asia (India, Vietnam).

Who takes responsibility for the projects?

Remote Native takes responsibility for the quality of the service.

How are the developers paid?

Remote Native charges monthly based on the actual services rendered or as agreed.

How does Agile software development fit into Time and Material and Fixed Price contracts?

Agile development is more compatible with T&M contracts, as it allows for the flexibility to adapt to changing requirements and priorities. Fixed Price contracts can be challenging to implement with Agile, as they require a detailed understanding of the project’s scope and timeline from the start.

Are you working with Fixed price or time and materials contracts?

We basically offer both options. In order to set a binding fixed price, you must invest in corresponding preliminary work for software planning, such as a concept and specifications. This is usually cost and time intensive. Therefore we prefer with agile development methods

How do remote software development teams manage productivity and ensure accountability?

Using productivity tracking tools, setting clear goals and expectations, and conducting regular performance reviews can help ensure that team members remain productive and accountable for their work.

Why do we have access to 10.000+ developers?

Because we have built up an international network with reliable partners in over 15 years.

Is it possible to bring the developers to Germany?

Yes. Depending on the country of origin, developers can come on-site for 1-2 months at a time. (If asked: Travel expenses, accommodation and meals allowance are then added here).

How can remote teams effectively collaborate on software development projects?

Using collaborative tools like version control systems, project management software, and code review platforms can help remote teams work together efficiently and effectively.

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